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Date:2015-10-27 Views:191Time
Belt conveyor was one of the main transportation equipment for conveying loose material. The weight of the roller is 30%~40%, which is 25% to 30% of the whole machine. ...
Date:2015-10-27 Views:167Time
France designed and produced the world's first flat belt conveyor in 1963, which was using in the construction of the Paris subway project for the transport of soil materials....
Date:2015-10-27 Views:200Time
Japan JPC(Japan Pipe Conveyor) first proposed the idea in 1964, after more than 10 years of research and experiments, successfully manufactured first tubular belt conveyor in 1979. ...
Date:2015-10-27 Views:262Time
Air cushion belt conveyor was developed in Holland in 1970s. In the world, the bandwidth of first small air cushion conveyor is 500mm, with a length of about 13m....
Date:2015-10-27 Views:280Time
The performances and parameters of the ordinary belt conveyor has been unable to meet the needs of high yield and high efficiency mines....
Date:2015-10-27 Views:177Time
Control system comparison of the belt conveyor between domestic and abroad (1) drive mode. In China, the belt conveyor usually adapt with variable speed fluid couplings and Hardened...
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