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Development of flat belt conveyor

Date:2015-10-27 15:37Views:Time

France designed and produced the world's first flat belt conveyor in 1963, which was using in the construction of the Paris subway project for the transport of soil materials. Flat belt conveyor belt conveyor in the trunk line transportation, open pit, hydropower station construction project, underground coal mine, and many other fields have been widely used in many areas. In the plane turning belt conveyor, Germany, France, Austria and the United States at the forefront, and do a lot of experimental and theoretical research. The research and application of plane turning belt conveyor in the world is developing rapidly.
In our country, the research work of the flat belt conveyor is carried out earlier. In 1959, Shanghai heavy transport machinery plant to achieve the ordinary belt conveyor plane turn operation, using the following common measures successfully: in the corner set up the curve elevation angle and the installation support angle, these two measures to be successful in the prototype. Unfortunately, the theoretical research work has not kept pace with the failure to apply the new technology to the practical product, which is the embryonic stage of the development of the plane turning belt conveyor.
Through a supporting roll forward, increase support and groove angle, elevation curve measures the achievement of turning the correct orientation is a typical plane turning belt conveyor. Compared with other structures, the structure has the advantages of mature theory, simple installation, low investment and maintenance cost. At present, most of the belt conveyor is used in the turning section. The structure of the supporting roller group of the plane turning belt conveyor in the turning section is also reflected in the composition of the inner curve elevation angle and the angle of the supporting roller groove. Its main characteristics is in bearing segment on both sides of the supporting design of roll forward, in supporting roller group on both sides of the set to block and prevent excessive tape accidental deviation. The lower roller adopts two or three roll type. The upper and lower rollers can be adjusted to raise the angle structure, easy to adjust the angle of the device in the process of adjustment, while increasing the groove angle of the supporting roller, increasing the length of the side roller to increase the guide friction.
Flat belt conveyor has been widely used in the open pit mine, underground coal mine, hydropower station construction project, the main line of the main line, and other production systems. Reasonable turning belt conveyor design must meet at the corner tension increase can not be higher than the ultimate strength, ribbon and the stress is uniform, in the above three conditions were obtained from the turning radius value, selects a maximum value. With the continuous application of the turning belt conveyor, the belt conveyor for the design of the small radius curve will be the key development direction. In addition, because of the continuous changes in the terrain and the landform, the belt conveyor will appear the space to turn, that is, at the same time, with the changing of the operating angle, the turning operation.

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