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Development and characteristics of circular pipe belt conveyo

Date:2015-10-27 15:36Views:Time

Japan JPC(Japan Pipe Conveyor) first proposed the idea in 1964, after more than 10 years of research and experiments, successfully manufactured first tubular belt conveyor in 1979. Through practical application, the company has basically formed the pipe belt conveyor design theory and product series, then sold to Japan's Bridgestone tire company, Germany Koch companies such as technology and ownership. Our country in 1990s from the Bridgestone Corp introduced the tubular belt conveyor design and manufacturing technology, the design and manufacture of tubular belt conveyor. JB / T10380-2002 "round pipe belt conveyor" standard is released and implemented in 2002. Pipe belt conveyor of typical material ore, coal, coke, limestone, gravel and shale, straw, wood chips and alluvial soil.
Some material which were difficult to handle also used round pipe belt conveyor, such as steel concentrates, petroleum coke, clay, slag, concrete, metal pieces slag, humidification fly-ash, tailings, bauxite and dust and other. Since 1970s, in the world, stable and reliable operation of the circular pipe belt conveyor has reached more than 2000 units, the longest single horizontal transmission distance of 10km, the maximum transport capacity of H-1 - 6500t (h-1 - 4500t). China's circular pipe belt conveyor from scratch, especially after the rapid development in recent years, the conveyor length from 100m to 5km, has now reached 7km, and the development speed is the first in the world.
The circular pipe belt conveyor is composed of three parts, the tail section, the tubular section and the head section. The tape from the tail roller to form a cylindrical tail called the transition section, the feeding point generally in the range. The tail of the transition section by tape levels into trough, finally rolled into a cylindrical shape. In the tubular section, the adhesive tape is forced to be wrapped in a cylindrical shape, and the conveying material is running with the tape in the cylinder. The head of the transition belt consists of a cylindrical gradually become flat, to the head roller after unloading. The return section is the same as the bearing section. Therefore, the pipe belt conveyor belt conveyor steps are: the expansion of the material is a closed cylinder running a unloading. Pipe belt conveyor with the ordinary belt conveyor structure generally similar, are composed of driving device, head of the roller, the tail roller, supporting roller group and frame etc. part, the main difference lies in the conveyor belt and the supporting roller group different.
Conveyor can carry out two-way conveying material, but it is usually necessary to add a belt conveyor belt, and other closed belt conveyor and general belt conveyor, the circular pipe belt conveyor has a unique structure, has the following advantages:
(1) No pollution to the environment. Can be closed conveying pipe belt conveyor, the material is not flying, not falling, no leakage. The return branch conveyor belt is tubular, so don't worry about the material on the adhesion on the conveyer belt. At the same time, it can also prevent the mixing of the material from the outside, realize the harmless transportation and avoid environmental pollution.
(2) large angle tilt. Compared with the general belt conveyor belt conveyor belt conveyor with a higher degree of large angle inclined transmission capacity, the conveyor belt conveyor section is a circular cross section, and increased the contact area of the material and conveyor belt, the conveyor inclination angle increased by 30, the maximum of 50% degrees. The larger the inclination angle, the smaller the conveyor length, the more economical or the only feasible solution to the space and performance constraints.
(3) Double-way transmission. Pipe belt conveyor return with a cylindrical in shape, the conveyor belt is rolled up and partially overlapped in the circle of the bottom of the tube, not only the conveyor belt with bearing side through the same curved line, also make the conveyor with dirty side is wrapped up, the material dropping or scattered the possibility is very small.
The upper and lower branches of the circular pipe belt conveyor are formed in a cylindrical shape, so that it can be used to reverse the transfer and the different material (need to set up special feeding device).

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