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Rotary resistance of belt conveyor roller

Date:2015-10-27 15:38Views:Time

Belt conveyor was one of the main transportation equipment for conveying loose material. The weight of the roller is 30%~40%, which is 25% to 30% of the whole machine. Its running resistance mainly includes: the pressure resistance, the roller rotation resistance, the conveyor belt and the material deformation resistance. Which holds the roller rotation resistance as in addition to the pressure resistance of the second major resistance (pressure trapping resistance of 61%), while the transmission length of 200 ~ 800m. According to the proportion of the proportion of the seal is different from the contact type seal 34%~41%, labyrinth seal 8%~20%. Especially for long distance and large capacity belt conveyor, the power loss caused by roller rotation resistance is more obvious. The roller performance is one of the key factors which affect the energy saving and consumption reduction of belt conveyor.
The supporting roller is the main component of the belt conveyor which is the supporting conveyor belt and the material to ensure that the vertical degree of the conveyor belt is not more than the specified value. The main reason of damage include roller supporting idler roller damage, deformation damage and bearing damage. The roller rotation resistance is an important index to evaluate the quality of roller. Its composition mainly includes the friction force and the friction resistance of the bearing group.
The roller rotation resistance refers to the roller in a certain temperature, speed and load. In order to overcome the friction of the bearing and seal in the process of rotation. Tangential force on the outer circle of the supporting roller. The common structure is the assembly type, which is composed of a shaft, a bearing group, a labyrinth seal, an elastic spring, a bearing base and a seamless steel tube. Roller rotation resistance has great influence on the stable operation of the conveyer. Roller rotation resistance or rotation is not flexible or even block rotation. Not only to increase the energy consumption of conveyor. Will accelerate the wear and tear of the conveyor belt to reduce the service life. However, the physical condition of the rotational resistance of the roller is mainly composed of the coaxial degree of the roller, the assembly precision of the bearing and the viscosity of the grease.

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