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The difference between the domestic belt conveyor technology

Date:2015-10-27 15:35Views:Time

The performances and parameters of the ordinary belt conveyor has been unable to meet the needs of high yield and high efficiency mines, especially along the groove can be telescopic ordinary belt conveyor of key components (such as self moving tail, efficient storage and the tensioning device) with foreign countries there is a big gap.
The gap between ordinary belt conveyor and foreign belt conveyor is mainly in the following aspects.
(1) installed power. Our country working face belt conveyor belt conveyor with the largest installed capacity of 4 x 250kW, foreign products up to 4 x 970kW, domestic belt conveyor power for foreign products 30% ~ 40%, fixed belt conveyor power difference is greater.
(2) transport capacity. The maximum volume of belt conveyor in China is 3000t - H-1, which has reached H-1 - 5500t.
(3) delivery length. China's largest belt conveyor length is 33.1km, a conveyor belt length is 15km. Foreign belt conveyor length up to 145km, a belt conveyor for up to 19.2km.
(4) maximum conveyor belt width. The belt conveyor belt width is 1400mm, the largest in China is 1830mm.
(5) conveyor belt tensile strength. The tensile strength of the whole core flame retardant conveyor belt of our country is mm-1 - 2500N, mm-1 - 3150N. Wire rope core flame retardant conveyor belt with the highest tensile strength of mm-1 - 4000N, mm-1 - 7000N.
(6) conveyor belt joint strength. The strength of the conveyor belt in our country is from 65% to 50%, and the strength of the joint strength of the conveyor belt is 70% to 75%.
(7) with speed. Due to the limitation of the speed of the roller, the belt conveyor belt speed of our country is 4m - s-1, and the other is S-1 5m.
(8) the length of the working surface of the groove. The transportation length of the belt conveyor in our country is 3000m, and the other is 7300m.
(9) efficient storage and tensioning device. The belt conveyor adopts a closed structure and winch tensioned with the storage type based, the tensioning trolley is easy to derail, conveyor belt off tracking, telescopic conveyor belt, supporting and car can not move on their own, artificial passage, maintenance trouble. And the use of the structure of the advanced open type of open storage device and high accuracy of large torque, large stroke automatic tensioning device, supporting roller can automatically with the conveyor belt stretch in place. Conveyor belt without deviation and derailment.
(10) the belt conveyor models of China are few, the function is single, the use scope is limited, and its efficiency can not be fully played. Should expand the transport, transport, transport and other functions, to achieve a multi-purpose machine. Also difference in the our country coal mine geological conditions, in the arrangement of transportation system often appear some special requirements, such as bending, large dip angle until the vertical lifting should be development special type special machines for belt conveyor.

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