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Control system comparison of the belt conveyor between domest

Date:2015-10-27 15:33Views:Time

Control system comparison of the belt conveyor between domestic and abroad
(1) drive mode. In China, the belt conveyor usually adapt with variable speed fluid couplings and Hardened reducer. But in foreign countries, belt conveyor transmission has variety of ways, such as boss system and CST (soft start) controllable transmission system and the control precision is higher.
(2) monitoring device. At abroad, belt conveyor has use high-grade programmable program controller with advanced program software, integrated power relay control technology and the admissibility of data, processing, storage, transmission, fault diagnosis and query complete automatic monitoring system. In our country, the belt conveyor is only used in the middle range programmable controller to control the starting, normal operation, and stop working process. Although it can be used in conjunction with the control device to realize the functions of controllable starting (system), belt speed, power balance, etc., but there is no automatic approaching device and fault diagnosis and query and other functions.
(3) conveyor protection device. Foreign band conveyor installed devices to prevents the conveyor belt deviation and slipping, tear, with jam, automatic sprinkler dust protection device. Besides these, in recent years it has developed a lot of new monitoring device, such as roller drive, variable to the roller and the supporting group and temperature monitoring system, smoke alarm and automatic fire extinguishing device, fiber fabric conveyor belt longitudinal tearing and joint monitoring system and explosion-proof electronic conveyor belt scale automatic metering system. The new protection system is basically in blank in china. And our existing slip, heap coal, slip the coal hole full storehouse protection, anti deviation, over temperature sprinkle water and smoke alarm device reliability, sensitivity and lifetime were lower.

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